Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with what type of PCB surface finish to use
with an EMI gasket? Or can anyone point me in the direction of any good
websites  where I can learn what I need to know.....I'm not a materials kind of guy.

There is a 10G transceiver on my PCB design that contains an EMI  elastomeric
gasket that is made of conductive rubber and will come in  contact with a
portion of the conductive surface of the PCB. Because of the RoHS  directive,
I've been leaning towards using an Immersion Silver finish for  various reasons.
But, I have a concern about the potential tarnishing  effects of the finish
over time. Will the seal between the silver finish and the  gasket degrade over
time? Is there anything else I'm missing with regards to  using an ImAg finish
with an EMI gasket?

TIA for any feedback....

Bob Walker
CebaTech Inc.
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